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free WiFi, reasonable rent,      plus prime location? all inclusive at ADRIA

Student living in Heidelberg

You finally got admitted to Heidelberg? You're looking for a place with that feelgood factor? A place of your own is too expensive? You're done looking. Welcome to ADRIA student residence Heidelberg-Wieblingen. We offer you your own room with flat-share character. Meet your flatmates in the shared kitchen, or form study groups in the studyroom. The shared bathrooms and kitchens will blow you away. And on top of that, there's free Wi-Fi.

Feeling curious?


Alone and new in town? Tick it off – with privacy and community at ADRIA student residences.

Tick it Off!

  • perfect location across from "Neuenheimer Feld"
  • great value for money
  • furnished single rooms with flat-share character
  • all rooms with sink, some with balcony
  • new and modern shared kitchens and -bathrooms
  • individual tennant support
  • community with peaceful atmosphere
  • fast Wi-Fi, free to use
  • perfect local amenities
  • laundry rooms
  • studyrooms
  • spots for barbeque and hanging out
  • good connection to public transport (6 minutes to main station) and the city
  • vending machines

Starting at 318,- Euro including utility cost flat rate, free Wi-Fi.
Welcome to Adria.

Room in
13-room wing
w. / w.o. balcony

14,14 / 15,46 m²
318,- Eur / Mon.

Room with balcony (matress can be purchased at an additional cost.)

Room in
13-room wing
w. / w.o. balcony

14,14 / 15,46 m²
new furniture
354,- Eur / Mon.

Room with balcony and new furniture (matress can be purchased at an additional cost.)

Room in
7-room wing
w. / w.o. balcony

14,14 / 15,46 m²
new furniture
394,- Eur / Mon.

Room without balcony and new furniture (matress can be purchased at an additional cost.)

Floor Plan
of a typical

Floor plan und arrangement
of the bedrooms and
common rooms

Floor plan (1.OG)
The Location

The ADRIA student resident hall is located at Sandwingert 2 in Heidelberg-Wieblingen. You can reach the University of Heidelberg at Neuenheimer Feld and the campus of SRH University Heidelberg in five minutes with the bicycle. The ADRIA student residence hall is located in the district of Wieblingen, close to the Neckar and connected to the university premises by the Wehrsteg. That saves time.

Public Transport

Using public transport, you can reach the city centre and train station in no time ( tram line 5, busses 34 and 35). In the vicinity of the residence you will find everything you need. The suburban train will get you to the main station in Mannheim within 15 minutes. From there, it's only a short trip to the University of Mannheim.

Information for Future Residents

The modernized ADRIA student residence hall is perfect for living, learning and meeting friendly people. Feel at home in your own room and meet people in the new kitchens and common rooms. Build your network with national and international students and take advantage of the community lifestyle.

The ADRIA student residence hall has a total of 78 rooms. The rooms are divided into 7- and 13-room wings. We provide co-ed and single-sex wings. Each wing has a shared kitchen where you can meet and cook. There's room to store your personal cooking utensils in a lockable cupboard.

The bathrooms are also state of the art. Each wing has a shared bathroom with two showers and toilets. You can do your laundry in the coin-operated washing machines and dryers.

If the learning is draining your energy, the snack vending machines offer you the opportunity to refuel at reasonable prices. Smoking is banned everywhere in the building and on the balconies.

The blackboards on the room doors, our "Facebook" for residents, are a popular medium of communication.

Save and live together

Resource conservation is important to you? It is to us! That's why we decided to equip the bathrooms with CWS' sustainable products to reduce waste. The cloth towels and soap dispensers produce less garbage than paper towels and soap bottles and still provide the same level of hygene. You will recognize the sustainable bathrooms by the Ecoilet label. In addition to that, we also equipped the showers with push-buttons. That way, less water is used during showering.

We also do waste sorting. Help us help the environment and do your part. Don't run the water unnecessarily, don't squander resources and sort your waste.

Maybe this is the first time living away from home for you. Everything is new and everybody is responsible for getting along. We would like to invite you to make sure that the time in the residence will be a good one.

We take care of basic cleaning. The bathrooms and common rooms are cleaned by a professional cleaning company regularly. This requires, that the areas to be cleaned are accessible. Please store your cooking utensils in the lockable cupboard after cooking and take your towels back to your room after showering. That way, we can guarantee that your residence will be clean at all times.

You are responsible for the cleanliness of your own room. Please air the rooms regularly by fully opening the windows / door. Do not leave the windows on the tilt for the whole day. That way you save on heating cost and avoid mildew, which makes all us happy. When you're leaving the room, you can save energy by turning down the thermostat.

We hope that you enjoy your student life and still have time to party. Please be responsible and think of the people having to study while you're partying. Please make sure you are not too loud and clean up after yourself. Please keep in mind that there's no smoking in the buildings or on the balconies.

Organisational Issues

To be eligible for a room, you need to be enrolled at an university or university of applied sciences.

Temporary Living
The duration of the lease is 6 semesters. Due to the rota system, which is supposed to help as many students as possible to rent a room, the duration can only be extended in special cases. If you wish to surrender your room before the 6 semesters have passed, for example because your place of studies changes, you can cancel the contract at the end of the second semester by giving 3 months' notice to the end of the semester.

The duration of the lease starts with the beginning of every semester, April 1st or October 1st.

All rooms are furnished and ready for you to move in. Because of hygiene reasons, please bring your own mattress or purchase one from our janitor at a reasonable price.

Subletting or handing over the room for an extended period of time is forbidden.

When moving in, you have to leave a deposit of 500, or 600 - Euro, which will earn interest, and pay a processing fee of 80,- Euro. The height of the monthly rent is based on your wish for a room in the 7- or 13-room wing and the furnishing.

Application / free Rooms

Applications are possible from 16.06. for the winter semester and from 16.12. for the summer semester. Please use our online application form. We collect and process the applications and let you know early enough wether we can offer you a room. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

If you changed your mind, please let us know. This enables us to process all applications in a timely manner and helps others to get a room quicker.


If you wish to surrender your room before the 6 semesters have passed, for example because your place of studies changes, you can cancel the contract with 3 months at the end of the second semester by giving 3 months' notice to the end of the semester. The cancellation has to be submitted in writing (fax or letter). The room has to be broom clean. The condition of the room will be recorded in the certificate of delivery on moving in / out. If everything is okay, you will receive your deposit as soon as possible.

ADRIA Vermögensverwaltung Erich Ross GmbH & Co. KG
Herr Pfaff
Postfach 12 03 30, 69066 Heidelberg
Tel 06221 / 58606-181
Fax 06221 / 58606-19

Furnished Living

All rooms at ADRIA student residence hall are furnished and waiting for you to move in. The furnishings consist of a bed, a desk with chair, a wardrobe and a shelf. All rooms have a washing area with mirror. Most rooms have been newly furnished during a recent modernization and have bright furnishings. But many residents also prefer the "vintage" style of the older furniture.

The doors to the individual wings are secured with electronic locks. Only the residents of that wing have access to it. This way you can feel safe and enjoy the flat-share feeling. All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors.

You can use the fast Wi-Fi everywhere in the house free of charge.

Rooms with Balcony

57 of the rooms at ADRIA student residence hall have a beautiful balcony for you to learn and relax on. The size of the rooms is approximately 14.14 m².

All prices are all-inclusive. All utilities like heating, water and electricity are included. Additionally, the Wi-Fi is free of charge.

Rooms without Balcony

21 rooms at ADRIA student residence hall are slighlty larger, at 15.46 m², but do not have a balcony.

All prices are all-inclusive. All utilities like heating, water and electricity are included. Additionally, the Wi-Fi is free of charge.


The new kitchens are meeting points for the residents and invite you to cook and socialize. They are equipped with stove tops, oven, refrigerator and microwave. In addition to that, you can rent a separate freezer compartment.


The bathrooms have been renovated completely during a recent modernization. Each bathroom has two showers and toilets. They are also equipped with towel-, toilet paper-, soap- and desinfectant dispensers that are refilled regularly by us.

Lounge / Workspace

On the ground floor, you have the opportunity to use the studyroom to learn and prepare yourself for upcoming exams in groups. If you want to have a party, you can apply to use the assembly hall in return for a deposit. It comes with a flat-screen TV, if you want to watch the Football European Championship or the Highland-Games. For spontaneous meetings you can use the smaller lounge, which also come with TV.

About Us

ADRIA student residence hall has been built in 1968. The client was the Honorary Senator of the University of Heidelberg, Erich Ross. The residence hall has been in the family for more than 50 years and is managed by us. That is why our colleagues and janitors on site can assist you individually.

To offer a comfortable and modern accomodation to you and the residents after you is our maxim. That is why we completely renovated and modernized the residence hall in 2015 and 2016. If you want to leave suggestions, praise or criticism, you are always welcome to contact us.

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